Africa has significant yet underused agricultural potential.  Investment opportunities in agriculture are endless especially in modern farm practices; fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides application, veterinary drugs, animals and animal feed ingredients.   It’s a matter of investment especially in machinery, better farming methods, fertilizer application to storage and processing for added value. Floriculture offers a lot of opportunities in Kenya and Africa as a whole, given the huge market potential in national, regional and European Union Countries and Russia. Building technology services in cold chain equipment, packaging and storage.  Nordic World Group is a specialist in export and resale of high quality used farm machinery, tractors, combine and forage harvesters, ploughs, milking and milk storage tanks and equipment, balers and hay equipment and parts. We specialize in export market and we have strong connection and experience in the needs of our clients. We aim to supply high quality equipment for all budgets.


Building and Construction/ Real estate development

Africa is going through economic boom and growth, at levels never witnessed before from North to South East to West, cities are springing up overnight hence the need for high quality building materials and construction equipment for this growth to be sustainable. Nordic World Group is in a position to export New and Used construction equipment especially excavators, construction elements, wood and timber products and Alternative building technology (ABT).

A case in point is the planned construction of Konza city in Kenya which is expected to be completed in 2030, in line with the country’s vision 2030. It is touted as the largest ICT of its kind in Africa. Beside this there are other projects attractive to Finnish and other Nordic countries to invest in especially in energy efficient modern buildings utilizing modern technology as well as interior designing employing the various laminated elements to achieve the desired effect.  he Kenya housing market/sector has a huge deficit made worse by the new devolved system of government which will require houses to be build, offices and other industrial properties hence the opportunity to invest here.

Nordic World Group is working with the best Floor Tile producers based here in Europe to offer Luxury Tiles for all your home,office and bathroom at affordable prices.

Floor Laminates.

laminates  laminates       



Cleantech/Renewable /Energy Resources

Opportunities exist in this relatively new area, especially solar energy, wind power, biogas and hydro power. The over-reliance on biomass energy (wood, charcoal) has decimated the natural forest cover in Kenya to 2% compared to other regional countries thus the need to invest in this field. Nordic countries possess the technological skill and knowhow in the Cleantech / Energy Renewable resources sector. It is worthy to note that forest cover in Finland is 70% therefore the opportunity to advance and acquire the know-how in this area is worthy of consideration.

Nordic World Group understands the value Nordic countries put to cleantech technology in relation to climate change and its effects on the environment. Nordic countries are home to many companies with expertise and experience in Renewable energy.


Are you looking for New Challenges and opportunities to invest in Kenya? Nordic World Group is the right place to start from. Kenya is East Africa’s business hub and the gateway to the region in terms of investment. In line with vision 2030, Kenya has a comprehensive industrial policy in place and is ripe for investment.

Nordic World Group with in conjunction with the Group’s partners will guide you through the internationalization process to ensure that you are at the right point throughout as well as ensuring that you have a smooth transition



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